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It's recommended to issured for fragile goods and valuables. The amount of insurance per box of goods = the amount declared per box. The insurance cost is calculated according to the declared amount of each box.In the event of international shipping damage, part or all of the compensation will be made based on the declared value of amount.It will take 1 ~ 3 months to apply for a claim to the freight company on your behalf.

Calculation method of insurance premium.

1. Simple insurance amount table (using Japan Post to send China as an example)

Insurance amount Japan Post EMS insurance premium (unit: JPY)
0~10000 0
10001~20000 0
20001~40000 50
40001~60000 100
60001~80000 150
80001~100000 200
100001~120000 250
120001~140000 300
140001~160000 350
EMS underwriting limit of two million JPY

2. EMS: Postal Express: Calculated based on the declared amount of each box of goods, if the declared amount is within 20,000 JPY, the additional insurance fee is free; If the declared amount exceeds 20,000 JPY, A premium of 50 JPY will be charged for every 20,000 JPY, with a maximum coverage of 2 million JPY.

For example, the declared amount is 20001 ~ 40000 JPY,the insurance fee is 50 JPY; the declared amount is 40001 ~ 60000 JPY, the insurance fee is 100 JPY; for the detailed billing table, please refer to Japan Post EMS description

3. Please be sure to check before signing for parcel! ! If there is a loss or damage please contact the courier in time to issue the relevant damage or loss certificate! If you can not provide the relevant proof. It is difficult to negotiate with the Japanese Post Office!

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