Super exchange

activity time:From now on

Target audience: All members

Active content:Users can redeem their benefits by using their account points

Activity rules

Account points can be exchanged for the following benefits, effective from the date of exchange.

Yahoo! JAPAN
Integrals Interests Instructions Terms
10 1 raffle There is no limit on the number of exchanges, please refer to the specific prizes of the lucky drawLottery rules 30 days
20 1 dollars
1.Vouchers cannot be discounted or refunded;
2.Vouchers are applicable to payment of single commodity and international postage bills and cannot be used in addition;
3.Vouchers of different denominations can only be exchanged once a month;
4.YOne dollar can be used when the voucher is over 60 dollars; three dollars can be used when the voucher is over 120 dollars; four dollars can be used when the voucher is over 180 dollars
Six dollars for 240 dollars, seven dollars for 280 dollars and 14 dollars for 700 dollars;
5. Vouchers will not be returned in case of refund or cancellation of bills paid with vouchers.
15 days
40 3 dollars
60 4 dollars
80 6 dollars
100 7 dollars
200 14 dollars
1000 international postage 95% discount Japan domestic postage does not participate in this interest. 30 days
2000 No act as purchasing agency fee Special products marked on the website are not involved.
2000 No transfer fee
2000 The goods are 99 % offOnly on Yahoo! JAPAN bids for winning orders.
4000 The goods are 98 percent off

※ Once the rights are exchanged, they cannot be cancelled!

※ The same user can only participate in the activity once. If the same user is found to participate in the activity with different accounts,EBUYJP Have the right to cancel the activity;

Users who participate in this activity shall be regarded as admitting EBUYJP Any violation of the terms of Service, specifications of use and provisions relating to other transactions will automatically disqualify the participant;

※ If the above activities cannot be performed due to force majeure,EBUYJP Has the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the activity.The final interpretation of this activity reserves the right EBUYJP All.