EBUYJP has been focusing on Japanese agency purchasing for 13 years. Because of professionalism we can be trusted.

Our business philosophy is: safety, efficiency and satisfaction.

Security: Fund security, information security and product security.

Efficient: high efficiency of warehousing services and high efficiency of customer service.

Satisfaction: Satisfying customers is our only goal.

The following ten items escort our business philosophy.

Professional purchasing team

  • EBUYJP The core team of EBUYJP has more than 10 years of international purchasing experience. We have in-depth research and understanding of Japanese local laws, policies, cultural environment and consumption habits.

Formal payment channel

  • EBUYJP AndThird party payment companies cooperate and sign real name business contracts to provide legitimate and compliant overseas foreign exchange purchase and payment services for users in various countries. Payment methods include PayPal, credit card, etc. You are in EBUYJP The third-party payment company has a clear record of every purchase.

Zero complaint record

  • EBUYJP Good faith and law-abiding. For nine years,There was no record of a complaint.

High construction cost

  • The company invested a lot of money to build it EBUYJP . At the starting line, we left some small platforms far behind. To be a century old enterprise is our vision. Therefore, we are conscientious and do not dare to neglect. Because if something goes wrong, we will face huge losses.

Tracing parcel from Japan post

  • After delivery from Japan Post Office, we can provide you with the invoice number. You can check the transportation status of the goods on the official website of Japan post office according to the invoice number.

Claims for shopping fraud

  • And EBUYJP All of them are well-known e-commerce giants in Japan. Therefore, in the transaction process, if fraud is involved, EBUYJP Will help you to recover from the platform and business, as far as possible to recover your loss. Our attitude towards fraud has always been zero tolerance and has never changed.

Claim for lost package

  • We have many long-term cooperation logistics transportation companies in Japan, such as Japan Post Office, DHL and other local logistics giants in Japan. So as to guarantee EBUYJP Product security of users. Once the goods are lost, we will try our best to help the customers claim for compensation from the logistics company.

Transparent publicity of fees

  • Our charges are open and transparent, any one of the fees, are well documented, the website page is also described clearly. Please refer to the specific charging standard[Cost description]。

The package is safe and reliable

  • EBUYJP There is much higher than peer packaging standards, as well as extremely efficient operation process. We have optimized the process of each link many times. Through clear rules and regulations, to ensure that the overall operational capacity of the warehouse is at a high level. Please refer to[Warehousing team]。 At the same time, we have experienced professional warehousing personnel, each new person before taking up the post, after a month of training, work with a certificate.

after-sale service

  • We have a perfect after-sales service mechanism. We can provide professional after-sales service for customers from commodity consultation to final receipt. Answer all questions. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can call our complaint hotline 020-22043272 (after the call is connected, press the 3 key to switch to the complaint hotline), or send an email to our complaint email support@ebuyjp.com。After receiving your telephone or email complaints, we will arrange special personnel to handle for you. Please refer to[Customer service team]。