As we all know warehouse service is a very important service in the purchasing process.

The quality of the warehouse service directly determines whether you can receive your treasure quickly without errors.

Since establishment ​14years ago EBUYJP has been working hard to improve the quality of warehouse services.

Now we can finally proudly announce that our warehouse service has reached the top level in the industry.

The following is a brief introduction to the warehouse service of EBUYJP from several aspects:

Complete service content

  • Goods receipt and storage
  • Warehousing Services
  • Packaging Service
  • Delivery service
We have perfect service content

Scientific workflow

In order to improve efficiency,reduce errors and allow you to receive packages faster and more securely.

We have scientifically formulated a rigorous work process and subdivided the above-mentioned service content into multiple work steps added verification work in multiple links to prevent errors. For example:

  • Receipt: Receipt, scan code, unpack, confirm, sort, weigh, put on shelf, inventory.
  • Packing: ordering, distribution, handling, verification, unpacking, packaging, sealing, registration, rope, shelf, inventory.
  • Delivery: Ticketing, positioning, pasting, verification, delivery.
Each workflow has multiple steps and validations

Stringent packaging standards

EBUYJP has set very strict packaging standards for various types of goods.

For the characteristics of each type of goods detailed packaging regulations have been made such as:

  • The outer packaging carton standard K7 belongs to the carton with the strongest hardness in Japan.
  • Inner packaging foam board buffer standard.
  • Winding standards for large and small bubbles.
  • Filling standard during packetization.
  • The wrapping tape winding standard after packaging.
Our packing material area uses the highest strength cartons in Japan

Professional packaging master

Professional packaging masters are required to execute in place when there is standards.

The packaging staff of EBUYJP are strictly selected.Detail as below:

  • Our staffs need to take long-term training in other positions to be eligible to enter the packaging group.
  • Before entering the packaging group our staffs need to memorize various packaging standards.
  • Need to pass the test assessment of package training.
  • After taking the post, carry out a gradual packaging strategy that is easy to come first.
Our packing staff have been trained and screened strictly

Perfect error correction mechanism

Without a perfect supervision and error correction mechanism, the quality of services cannot be guaranteed for a long time.

EBUYJP has also done the following work in this regard:

  • Penalty system for violations
    We have formulated dozens of work systems and supplemented by rules for punishing violations. It is equipped with a supervision position for the implementation of a special system to ensure that the above work processes and standards can be implemented in place for a long time.
  • Whole-process monitoring
    All work positions are monitored throughout the process so that it is easy to find the responsible person for penalty correction afterwards. so that such errors will not be issued in the future.
  • Accident investigation mechanism
    Once an abnormal accident such as breakage occurs we will conduct a detailed internal investigation. In addition to punishing those responsible in accordance with the system.They also reflect on the work process and whether there is room for improvement in various work standards.

Serious working attitude

Rigorous and meticulous is a work attitude reflecting a work style. Rigorous and meticulous means to have a serious and responsible attitude towards everything, to be meticulous and to strive for excellence.

Since the customer chose to believe us then we will deliver the goods to the customer intact.

Rigorous, meticulous, conscientious and responsible

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