Dear users of EBUYJP, here is a grand introduction to our customer service team.It is this group of cute little brothers and sisters who deal with you every day and "whisper" every day.

It is this group of cute little brothers and sisters who deal with you every day and "whisper" every day.

Our customer service little gilrs and boys are all after 90s or even 95s.

Regaiding to our recruitment standards, first of all, we must have a strong service ability. Secondly we must understand the the value of face is also needed.

The large warehouse of EBUYJP locates in Osaka,Japan.The after-sales customer service locates in China.

If you need help about dealing with the package-related issues the customer service needs to communicate with the warehouse remotely. In the peak shipping period the warehouse may not always be able to respond in time.

Please understand the tought situation we will try to solve problems as quickly as we can.

Customer service department

The following introduces about customer service job discreption, standards and restraint mechanism:

Customer service work content

  • Receiving customer consultation including online and telephone consultation.
  • Communicate the company's relevant system policies to customers.
  • Help customers to understand about the entire process of bidding and direct purchase.
  • Assist customers to solve related problems and coordinate related matters between customers,warehouses and sellers.

Service standards

  • Take "satisfying customers" as the only criterion.
  • As long as it is during normal working time we can reply to online information consultation within one minute.
  • During normal working hours we will answer the call within three rings of the phone.
  • Never fight back. Never shout back. But please be merciful and be virtuous when consulting.
  • We will definitely take the initiative to follow up and respond to you for anything we promised you. The specific response frequency depends on the specific problem. The problem that can be solved in the short term is generally the next day.

Constraint mechanism

  • We have a customer service monitoring system that can collect statistics of customer service work in real time such as response time (response speed), number of customers received and customer satisfaction score and etc.
  • Once a month we will hold customer service training in order to unify work standards, learn work system, improve service awareness and service level.
  • A weekly meeting of the customer service department establishes a feedback mechanism to adjust and optimize customer service work in a timely manner.
  • The monthly customer service and warehouse exchange meeting makes the communication between the customer service and the warehouse smoother and strengthens understanding and cooperation.
  • As many as dozens of work systems ensure that customer service can be executed according to standards.
  • The continuous improvement of the incentive system ensures that the customer service staff can maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and serve customers well.
  • The last elimination mechanism.For those with backward service ability, we will make the final elimination.

Department display

Customer service younger sister, younger brother
Customer service manager